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Thread: Font Problem: Photoshop and Dreamweaver

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    Font Problem: Photoshop and Dreamweaver

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and decided to join so that i could ask a quick question

    I am currently making some layouts within photoshop, using a random font which fits in well to the design called 'Mactype'

    However, i have stumbled upon a problem. When the size of the font is for instance 14pt, it will look like this in Photoshop

    Unlike Photoshop, it looks like this in dreamweaver

    Strangely, when the fonts get to the size of for example 18pt or 20pt, they look quite identical.

    I want to make the design in photoshop, slice it then code the HTML text within Dreamweaver. How can i fix this besides having to use images for text from photoshop?

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    Dreamweaver makes a rough version of the final web page. Since different OS and browser combinations can render text differently, you will never know exactly how it will look to a user.

    If your goal is to make the page look exactly the same to every user, then images is your only solution. However it's a poor solution as images take longer to load (and some may not load at all, rendering your page unreadable) and search engines index text, not images, so yoour pages become invisible to them.

    A lot of people become overly concerned with making the page "perfect" for each visitor, when that's not what's most important. Good web design takes into account the difference between browsers and screen resolutions and browser window sizes and build a site that works for all of them. It's harder that way, but the results are most effective, even if not "perfect" for everybody.

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