I'm a professional XHMTL/CSS codder.
I have 5 years experience of codding using DIV's.

I need to promote one of my new projects with a very limited budget.
That's why I decided to offer my professional services for members of this community WITHOUT requiring any payment.

You DO NOT have to pay me for the offered services!

My conditions are:

  1. You have a website with PR5 (Page Rank) and up.
  2. You send me your PSD templates (not more than 5 per website) and I encode them into a valid XHTML using DIV's in a 7 days period.
  3. Before that, we agree that I you will put my backlink on your website and it will stay there minimum 1 year.
  4. If we agree on the deal, I start encoding your templates and deliver as mentioned above.

Interested people are required to send me a private message.