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Thread: A vibrant rebellion

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    A vibrant rebellion

    ok guys

    Are you sick of moving your mouse around the page like your trying to navigate a minefield?

    Do you find yourself drawing figures of eight in order to avoid the annoying little fikers?

    What i am talking about are popover ads. Those little popups which lurk under keywords {like on this forum... Shhhhhh...}


    Well, I suggest you download the [Adblock Plus] Add-On for firefox. Its Persil for your browser. Digital Anadin if you like

    [Adblock Plus] Add-On for firefox.

    You can now use this forum pain free.

    I don't believe it. I have just made a great forum even better!

    I didn't think it was possible and without cutting any code

    Lets hope enough of you read this before its pulled

    Now im searching for an add-on which kills smilies. Especially the animated ones.
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