Webdesigner and Flash developer recruitment

Required Qualifications:

- Experience with website and UI design
- Experience with Photoshop
- Experience with Flash and Actionscript 3.0
- High learning capabilities

How should you apply for this job?

- All applications should be sent to webdesign.recruitment@gmail.com
- Only applications written in English are going to be processed!
- We are currently accepting residents in any country
- Please state on the mail subject the job position you are applying for!
- Please make sure all your contact info on the CV is updated.
- Please mention your country of origin in the application so we can get an idea of the time zone you are located at!
- Please understand that this job capacity is for a full position.
- You will be required not to work in any other day job while executing this position!
- Please provide webdesign examples (images) or URL's (at least 5, if you have more send it also).
- If you send URL's of websites, please provide an explaination of what was exactly your work on the website.
- Please mention your desired monthly wage.

Application process:

- Application usually will be screened the same day we receive it.
- We will reply to you no later than two business days to set-up a short interview.
- Please state when are good timing over the week days to come in contact with you.
- You will then need to provide us a date/time we can handle the 20 min interview.
- For the interview - Please download and install Skype (www.skype.com) on your PC and make sure your headset is connected.
- 1-3 weeks after the interview you could be hired!

What we offer:

- Job location is in Cyberspace. Employee can work from a home office and be part of a multinational development team.
- Communication with the all team members is done through Skype, email and other collaboration tools.
- Employee will be receiving all of his social rights as stated in the law of his country of residence.
- Tax statements will be subject to local laws and would be performed on the employee's responsibility.
- Salary will be paid once a month and transferred directly to employee's beneficiary bank account by wire transfers or by paypal.
- You will be working on a company working on the market for 14 years.
- Job capacity: Monday - Friday (8 hours daily)