Hey Guys!

I've come here because of a question concerning onlineshopping and ecommerce systems. I guess you're way more professional than I am and maybe you could help me. I'm terribly sorry if I'm in some kind of wrong section or anything, be kind

Well, my problem is this; my boss wants me to get an onlineshop for our upcomming website. But well... I don't know anything about onlineshops. I've looked around on the internet and found some "Onlineshop for free!"- provider...but I kinda think that this is just crap, right? Our shop should be somewhat professional and trusting. I have litte HTML skills and cannot make it myself. the ones offered by some agencys are sooo expensive. you know, it's always the same; you need the best quality for the lowest price out there :/

But well, I recently found this website, http://www.i-shop-in-shop.com, but sadly its in german so you won't understand what it's about - it's a company that offeres onlineshops for way less money than other agencys. and, plus, they have already a huge selection featured on their shops - for free. in addidion I could add our own selection.

But well - I talked to the support on the phone and they were very nice and stuff but well, they're always nice, aren't they? ;P Of course the girl on the phone wanted me to buy something... so I thought I'd better ask some pro's, right?

what do you think? should I buy this kind of onlineshop? Have you ever heard of this before? Would you buy this? If not - why not?

Thank you veery much in advance