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Thread: If you could answer a couple of questions, thanks

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    kurabii Guest

    If you could answer a couple of questions, thanks

    Good Evening,

    I was hoping anyone with some insight could just point me in the right direction
    Im a networker by trade. Layer 3 switches and routers, Server maintenence and pc repair
    are my items of choice. Well ive decided while still going to school i would start a business
    I lost my job in the recession and came back to the US unemployed, SO ive decided to put myself
    to work!!!!

    Ive got my DBA! My Name, and now id like to make a website but before i do that ive just got some questions
    Ill do all the leg work and homework needed. I have all week before the next semester starts anyways.

    I really do appreciate any help beforehand.


    Domain name. -Domain site preferences?
    hosting. I was thinking of setting up my own server online
    but just for curiousity whats a good hosting site
    everyone is happy with?
    Language will be xhtml and html with some flash or java doohickies but
    i wont make it too busy.

    for anyone who does the hosting themselves;
    Kind of hardware are u all using? Couple servers lying around in my apt...
    I have a media server vault made by hp that i stream video and music from
    was thinking of setting it up there.

    if not i have a really nice pc i built before going overseas im sure i can setup.
    But what are some good requirements?
    What does anyone suggest in emailing? how could i get an email system up through it,
    or is that just through the domain site?

    example jfdks@domain(name).com
    Id like for my website to have its own emailing system in it. Are there programs that
    can organize this or am i looking at an active directory heirarchy setup?

    Anything else im missing? i appreciate the help in advanced!


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    your isp probably won't allow you to run a commercial server off your home service. Shared webhosting accounts are inexpensive (generally under $10/month), it's much better to use a professional service...they'll have way better connectivity than your home service does, and many include network/hardware uptime guarantees.

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