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Thread: Anyone want to share aim or gmail addresses to get mutual help?

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    Anyone want to share aim or gmail addresses to get mutual help?

    I'm just trying to look for another avenue of knowledge here. I know HTML/CSS (currently running into many stumbling blocks with CSS), and python mostly. I was just thinking if anyone else wanted to share s/n's we could feed off one another as well as posting on the forums. I tend to be on most of the day and would gladly help when I can, it would help me learn as well I'm sure. It'd be cool if we could get a group of people together to do this, we're bound to have an answer among us and I'd think with enough at least one would generally be available.

    My aim s/n is kryptobs2000, and gmail is If anyone wants to talk on gmail though you'll have to let me know cause I don't normally leave it up; if there's anyone that chimes in with interest though I'd be happy to do so.

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    Yeah Ok, i Don't mind doing this, It would be nice to chat with someone that is interested in web development. I know, HTML/CSS/PHP/MysQL, and a bit of JavaScript and jQuery. (Plus ActionScript 2.0, but not for almost 2 years now,Iim a bit rusty).

    Google Mail: (Are we talking google chat?, or emailing)

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