I do not yet have a project for 2010, with it coming up to mid-March it is probably time I got organised.

This is as much of an experiment into how strangers should collaborate, communicate and work together as it is to do with the final result. ( This said, the goal obviously is to make an application which will generate a reward for the time and hard work invested. )

What we are making.
For this project we will not be the first in a given market, instead we will be the best. We will be providing a content management solution to businesses. It will be a high customisable, easy to use site and business management tool which present a real alternative to spending thousands of dollars on hiring an agency or freelancer.

There are a lot of start up's doing this however in my research I have found none that do it exceptionally well. This is where we would come in.
The second part of this project will be a blog which participents will be encouraged to post on, the idea is that at the end of the project, this blog will serve as a how-to... or how-not-to start / run / manage / complete a collaborative project with a group of strangers
PHP Developer Requirements
Critical Requirements
1) At least 3 months experience using PHP and a firm understanding of the basics
2) Knowledge of Object Orientated Programming
3) You must be 17+.
4) Must be willing to adopt and follow project coding standards
5) Has a willingness to learn and improve any weak areas of their knowledge.
We will be looking for a designers / UX people in about 6 weeks -> 2 months time. If you are designer and would like to get involved please feel free to contact me.

About myself.
I am a freelance web developer / designer with 4 years experience working for clients. I work with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. I have also have experience with a number of popular frameworks. I work part time for a company that sell's a content managed website to photographers.
The final thing to note is that obviously you will be contributing your time for free. In return for working on this project you will become eligable to a percentage of any future earnings that it makes. ( Assuming that it makes any. )

The project outline above is just that, an outline. As a group we can discuss what features we would like to implement and how they would like to implemented.

Please send me a PM if you are interested, we can discuss things further and I can put everyone together.