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Thread: Need web programmer for website project

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    Need web programmer for website project

    Hello everyone!
    I’m looking for a web programmer, familiar with Java/PHP to finish a website project that has already been started. The website is fairly simple and static, it’s a portfolio of my work. I have already done the design and I can provide most of the graphic elements. The work is a matter of programming and making the website functional, creating an admin panel etc. I will provide specific details to those interested in helping.

    There were two previous programmers who started working on it, but never finished, so there are parts of the website done, but since I’m not familiar with Java or PHP I can’t tell how much and what is done.

    It’s to replace my current website at

    I am looking for someone who WILL take the project seriously and can get it done fairly quickly. I will pay for the work, but please consider that I don’t have a big budget, so if you are flexible and willing to negotiate, please contact me at E-Mail removed. Please read the forum rules ~ Jason.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hello! I understand what you need and I think me and my team of experienced webdevelopers can help you with your tasks. We will do your order qualitatively and in shortest terms, the price is negotiated. So, if you are interested and if you are still looking for someone to help you - we are ready to start out Send a pm so that we can desicus everything!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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