Ok so I guess first a little background is appropriate. I am a former database consultant (sharepoint design and development) with a fairly extensive background in C++ and C# and knowlege of nearly all programs for developing sites etc. HOWEVER, I currently own a wholesale fence company (I have a no-compete in the industry I was in after selling my company) and I am VERY busy, we need a website and I am frankly all out of creative ideas or designs, truth be told I never was too good with designs anyway!

So what I would like is someone to design a website for me to work off of. basically just a home page that I can build other pages out of. If you would rather do the whole site I am sure we can work something out there as well. I want to make sure no matter what is done I own all rights to the site and site design and that I can edit it in any way.

I dont have a set price I am willing to pay, that will largely depend on your portfolio and how well I feel the site will look.

Please dont respond if this is your 3rd website, this is a national company and we are growing (sales tripled last year) with almost no web presence so this is a critical step in my plan to make the company grow even quicker and it needs to be as professional as possible.

I will be happy to help with by sending logos and artwork in any format you need them in and other than that I hope you can run with your imagination.

Please PM me with prices/quotes and a portfolio