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    "Add to Favorite" Button

    Hi Everyone,
    I am a student studying web development. I am creating a website with a photo gallery. When you visit the photo gallery page there are thumbnails you can click to view a larger image on the same page. Beside each image will be an add to favorites button.

    My Question is :
    How can i have an add to favorites button that the user will click on to take them to a login/register page where they can maintain/manage all their favorites. I have been looking for a script that does this for weeks with no luck. I would really appreciate it if someone is able to help me out with this as it is driving me nuts. Thank you so much.

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    you won't find a simple script that provides an entire user system I'm afraid

    you'll want a server side scripting language (php/asp/ and a database to keep everything in (mysql/mssql/access and so on)

    you'll want to put an id number for each photo into the database, then make the register page put the user into the database, and then link them together

    You have quite a lot of learning to do to make this work, but I hope I've pointed you in the right direction, come back with any specifics

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