I have a online hotel booking website and is used by customers to book the hotels/ holiday apartments etc.
Now some of the hotels who want to join us need some kind of security/ confirmation like credit card details etc from the
users who are booking the hotel rooms so as to be sure that incase if they did not turn up on the booking date and time.
I dont want to have a payment gateway or third party intergation. So could anyone suggest how I can take the credit card details from the users (bookin customers)
and forward the same to the hotel user account? Am I legally ok to do this? I dont want to store any thing in my database all I need to do is along with the booking order
I need to pass the credit card details so that if the users does not turn on the date of booking then the hotel may charge some min. amount as cancellation charges etc.

Also I need a help in sending SMS from the website. Say for every booking a confirmation need to be sent to the user registered mobile no. I need help in
knowing how and what SMS gateways to use?

I appreciate if anyone of you could help me in finding a solution to my queries.

Ann K