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Thread: Ap divs won't position correctly after adding php to my site

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    Ap divs won't position correctly after adding php to my site

    I have a question to do with my website i have tried to figure it out but just cant!!

    A man from work helped me add a php code to my website for my blog so whenever i update my blogger blog, it automatically appears in the right and column of my website (under latest blog), i think he took the rss xml file and did something with it, I'm not sure, I am a beginner and this is my first ever website

    But, since doing this everytime i add a new ap div, it appears in the header rather than where is supposed to be in the css file, e.g my facebook/twitter icons should be on right hand side of screen under the 'find me on' header but they dont appear there:

    Do you know what i have done wrong? I think it is just a bit of code that is wrong or maybe i have deleted something i dont know, please some one help me as i am pulling ym hair out trying to get this sorted but am really stuck now!

    Thank you

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    If you give your social div ( #social ) these styles:

    #social {
      left: 730px;
      position: absolute;
      top: 440px;
      z-index: 40;
    it will put it in what i think is the right place, you can always adjust the top / left values slightly and get it where you want.

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