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    Smile E Cards

    I am a beginning web designer, actually I am just working for this organization not getting into web design.

    I am trying to create a program on a page for a non profit which would allow visitors to send an ecard that we developed. Is there a program I could buy or download to allow me to do this.

    We simply want to design some cards for different occasions with our photos and logo etc. Ideally we would like to link this to an option for the users to donate money to us when they use the ecard.

    I'd appreciate any help or anyone pointing me in the right direction. Thanks!!

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    I would personally look for a simple "send to a friend" script. This will allow you to have e-card on a page and then send the page along with a personalised email to a friend by entering their email address.

    When it comes to taking a donation, a popular choice would be to go for the PayPal donate button. This is a popular payment merchant that has become the standard for things like this.

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