Hi guys, this one is more for those of you who know about google analytics or an alternative.

I have a website (which can be viewed at the link below) which has many check boxes that are the fundamental functions of the website. I use google analytics to observe the user traffic on the different pages of the website.

On my homepage, you are able to check boxes of 'cities' then boxes of music 'genre' and when 'go' is pressed, a table of contents appears below according to the users search criteria's. When one of these events are pressed on the table, the user is taken to this event page where they can read the full event details, they have to press 'back' in their browser to get back to the homepage.

I have the homepage linked with google analytics but not every individual event, as the events are created by advertisers and deleted automatically when their time is expired. I want to analyse what users are searching for.

My question is, is it possible to analyse the no. of times the individual check boxes are pressed on the homepage? So I would like to find out, how many times in one day 'city 1' has been pressed, and how many times 'genre c' has been pressed etc.

Thank you in advance and apologies for the long text.


My Website: www.out-a-town.co.uk