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Thread: !!!Need help!!! with school project(web development field research)

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    Unhappy !!!Need help!!! with school project(web development field research)

    Hello everyone
    I am a computer programmer student and my team and I are doing a research on web developer carrier. If you are a working web developer please help us do our research and answer the following questions:

    Your title:
    Company name:

    1. Entry-level qualifications
    2. Schedule of responsibilities, including individual and team roles
    3. Areas of technical & business knowledge required to do the job & advance
    4. Nature of work (opportunities for challenge, creativity, decision-making, etc.)
    5. People and departments you would interact with regularly
    6. Local and global opportunities
    7. Opportunities for professional development
    8. Opportunities for networking
    9. Career options and timeframes
    10. Business / IT trends to watch
    11. Impact of the place of work on all of the above
    12. Background information on the interviewees

    We'll appreciate any help. Thank you

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    Hi friend,
    Sorry i can't help u,coz m a fresher in development but correct your question which you have posted "I are doing"to I m doing...

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