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    Hi all,

    I am looking to develop a website that will enable users to get access to some multiple type questions. I have some understanding of the PHP and mysql.

    The site is going to have different tests which are timed and only registered users can access it.

    I need your advice in order to get some proper direction.

    What programming language should I use to develop the site?
    Should I learn java scripts ?

    Best Regards

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    If your going to have "regestered users" then its got to be server side. And as you already have experience with PHP/MySQL it looks like the languages your will need are:
    - HTML ( You need markup on all sites )
    - CSS ( You need this for the styling )
    - PHP ( To do the server side security and interactions etc. )
    - MySQL ( To hold the data, or atleast hold the usernames/passwords etc. )
    - JavaScript ( This is optional, just for user interface really )

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