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Thread: Malware on my site - Chrome has the warning

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    Malware on my site - Chrome has the warning

    My site recently started popping up warnings about malware when I browse to it using the Chrome browser.

    My site is

    I've since removed my ads (I'm running OpenX Hosted). I checked the banners and didn't see anything odd. In the "append" and "prepend" fields there was nothing added (a hack I had seen in the past).

    The only hint I got was that sometimes Chrome mentions this IP address related to the malware:

    When I look up that IP, it traces back to VP4less in Germany (my site is hosted in the USA).

    But I can't find any suspicious code anywhere! Is there any way to diagnose this problem?


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    Use a tool like firebugs to view the rendered source. You'll see it there. You'll want to identify where the hole is is that the malware used to exploit your system, fix it, delete you files, change FTP password (don't forget your root access accounts) and reupload you files. Also make sure to scan your local machine and check that you have a firewall of some sort installed. Good luck.

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