A little about me, I learned web-design and construction in collage.... about 7 years ago then proceeded to get a job doing CAD ever since. Im just getting into web design again. So I kinda know what Im doing, but Im a bit rusty.

I'm currently working on revamping the company website for my employer. They are very anti flash, So I am restricted in the amount of "razzmatazz" I can employ. I'm not interested in going crazy, but in my opinion, subtle flash can really increase the professionalism of a website. But I degrees.

To overcome this hurdle, I decided to use some animated gifs as rollover actions, with a slow fade to color in place of some flash total time 1 second with 10 frames. I finished it, and it works exactly as intended in Firefox and IE7, but in IE8 the animation is way to fast, it just looks like a simple Rollover.

I built the animation in Fireworks CS3, and I placed it in a html all by itself with Dreamweaver CS3 to test it. Any help appreciated, as I'm going insane.