I developed a modest website about 10 years ago using FrontPage. Recently that server got fried, so they moved my site to an ftp based server. I realize that a lot of features will no longer work without the FP extensions and I will have to reformat the pages, but I'm having a problem.

My website is www.hydrostream.com. If you go there, nothing shows up but a blank page. I renamed my home page to index.html. I created a new "test" page and sent it over to one of my folders on the server, but when I try to access it or any of the other pages through a browser online, same thing: blank page.

Does this seem like a problem on my end or the server's? Could it be that I have to reset the nameservers with my Domain Manager?

Overall I am really just a novice at this, so maybe it's just something simple. When I access the server through ftp, all the pages and folders are there and I can download, delete, etc.

Any ideas?