Hi all,
I've made a hangman game in php. I have several php files, containing the game for each category. Basically, what I want to do, is have a main game page, with a list of links. When I click the links, i'd like the content area to be updated, without the user going to another page.
Here it is in a bit more detail:

My setup:
A folder with several game files, including, for example, hangman1.php and hangman2.php. Both hangman 1.php and hangman2.php are a complete game, with there own word list and categories. I then have index.php, the main hangman game homepage. What I want is to have some tab links, Like "hangman 1" and "hangman2" which, when clicked, call the corisponding php file and display it in the content area.
When a new tab is clicked, the php file should be replaced by a new one.
Thanks in advance for any help!