Hello guys,
Iím looking for a wingman that has the skills of a web designer, Or has at least the basic skills (E.g. Knows how to code a basic HTML Template) in Peterborough, near woodston.

Iíve been doing web design/pc repairs/networking for some years now and it seems because Iím on my own and no one to discuss ideas/thoughts with about the subjects above Iím losing the motivation to continue, I feel that if Iím around someone with the same abilityís as myself i feel more motivated to get on with work, Itís like a game if youíre playing on your own, the job seems boring.

Iím 20, Still living with mum but converted my room into an office were 1 or 2 could work , Im not asking you to work with me do your own thing, but its nice once in a while to have someone to ask questions to or solve problems, vice verser. I want somebody really around my age but feel free to inbox me.

If your 16+ and enthuastic about learning this stuff, then drop me a message and I will think about teaching if need be.