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Thread: Junior PHP Developer

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    Junior PHP Developer

    Hey All,

    I have recently started learning PHP and MySQL (again) and am at a level where I can utilize pre written codes, make edits and dissect and understand the parts of an application.

    I am, however, far from being able to write complex applications from scratch. Which is something I understand will come from experience.

    Is this something a junior developer would be required to do?

    If not, at what level should one be at before attempting to gain employment as a Junior?


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    You need to be able to code at least using procedural methodologies

    hacking at a pre written script does not constitute the skill level of a junior developer. An employer wants the best he can get and by advertising for a junior role normally means that he is after someone with skills but maybe does not have enough work experience to make it as a professional developer. In return the employer pays less money but hopes you will bring something to the table

    You will be expected to know PHP to a decent level.

    A junior developer role is different from a trainee role

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