Currently working on a website I have had in mind for a long time, at the moment I'm currently only working on the 'design' side of things, I am no expert on php, only know the basics, I work for a online marketing company at the moment so i understand all the factors of gaining website traffic and promoting the website in general. At the moment I am looking for a partner to help me build the website, I will help with the design side of things, and obviously the marketing side, but, I need someone who has a high level of knowledge in PHP.

The website I am currently working on is not a social networking website, but close, It is basically one huge profile, which will hold all links towards that persons facebook, twitter, myspace, bebo, bbm, ping, ect...

Know you may think what is the whole point in this website and why would people use it? The amount of people who use the internet and have there own social networking profile is increasing rapidly, this includes, facebook, twitter, and many more, people must get fed up of telling people what there facebook is, what there twitter is, what there myspace is! Well here on the 'Main' ( which is which i am calling the site ) there friends will be able to see all of there profiles in one place, this is not only useful for the average internet user, but also for celebrities, the amount of fake facebook/twitter profiles which are made, pretending there a certain celebrity is ridiculous, this site will allow them to show everyone there real accounts all in one place.

I am not only looking for general help in the php side of my website, but also looking for a partner who can help me build the website and make it grow, but general help would also be fine, Please message me on this forum, or reply below if you can give me any certain help if possible, or how I can go about learning php effectively, if your not looking to provide direct help to the site.