I have purchased a template called PG Auto Pro from Pilot Group two months ago. Since the purchase of this template and i am facing major issues with it. The template is so heavy and contains so many un-necessary pages and some of these pages don't even work properly. Especially the advanced search, it acts funny and very slow. I have asked them to sort out my issues almost every day, they will respond after a week or more in some cases. Even after they respond, i did not get my issues sorted. The advanced search is still not fixed.
They claim that they have not received my e-mails, which is a joke as i sent it to the same e-mail addresses i received from them. I have called them and left messages on their voice mail, but they claim they didn't find any. I have resigned from my current job, risk the salary to start my own business depending on this template. But i can't get it up and running because they keep delaying and they claim to be very busy.
Their web developers promised that my work will be executed and finished in 15 days (This was end of December) now i was told that my project will be delayed until end of Jan 2011, i would have stayed at my job and earned one month salary if i knew of this delay. I have also been asking them to charge my credit card and start the work ages ago, it has not been done and i am happy they didn't. They are the most expensive and they have the worst back up. They are not efficient and they lack responsibility.
I have lost so much time, and lost money. I got frustrated and i feel so down because of what they did to me. I have saved all the e-mail communication i had with them and also the online chat. If anyone is interested, i can send everything.

I definitely do not recommend this company to anyone, there are many cheaper ways of doing this, and companies who are very professional. I have purchased many templates and dealt with many companies, they were awesome and i will buy from them again. But Pilot Group (PG Auto Pro) are the worst in this industry. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.