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Thread: Seeking 3 members for team.

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    Seeking 3 members for team.


    I am looking for 2 designers and 1 coder to be apart of my web design team. I will be the other coder so there will be a team of 2 coders and 2 designers.
    If you think you would like to be apart of this team then email me at with the following:

    Full name:
    Location: (just the country will do)
    What job you would like: (Coder or designer)
    What programs you use for the job: (fireworks, dreamweaver etc.)
    Past work:
    Why you want to join:
    And a link to your portfolio.

    In this 'team' we will be splitting the money we make 25% so we are all equal, but obviously i own the buisness. All i ask of you is to fill in the above form and send me an portfolio.

    What needs to be in the portfolio?

    If you are a designer i would like to see page templates, navigation bars, logo's, banners etc. You can post as many images as you like, but the more you post the higher chance you have.

    If you are a coder i would like to see websites you have previously made or you can make one for the portfolio, if they are not online you can send them to me for viewing. I would also like the source code.

    Thank you for listening, and i look forward to hearing from you.

    - Dan Etheridge.

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    I forgot to add, the buisness will be starting in the summer (august/sept) and the portfolio needs to be emailed by July.

    Thank you.

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