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Thread: font-size per each font-family available font

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    font-size per each font-family available font

    Hiya, has anyone else ever sought out a "script" style font-family and found they radically change in font-size? .... e.g. Edwardian Script ITC font-size:12 is too small to read (at least on my screen res here) so I up the font-size to say 15px, but then something like Zapfino is massive.

    The short of it being, anyone know of best practice for websafe oldyworldy script font-family, either of similar sized fonts, or the ability, if it exists, of something like the below would be excellent:

    font-family: Edwardian Script ITC {font-size:15}, Zapfino {font-size:12}, etc;

    where I'm at now is:

    font-family: zapfino,Script MT Bold,Lucida Handwriting,Vivaldi,Blackadder ITC,Edwardian Script ITC,French Script MT,Monotype Corsiva,Caflisch Script Pro,Savoye LET,Snell Roundhand,My Snell Roundhand,Bickham Script Pro,Brush Script,Brush Script Std,Apple Chancery;
    I'm looking for windows / mobile / mac / iphone safe which is why it's a long list!

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    ps not to be concerned that these fonts can be difficult to read, - it's one of a set of "styles" the user can select in a css style switcher

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