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Thread: Dreamweaver - Margin

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    Dreamweaver - Margin

    OK, my page consists of 3 elements: menu - HTM
    2. left sidebar - HTML
    3. main page (content plus the above 2) - PHP

    For some reason in the Dreamweaver design window I see the following situation:

    In reality the page shows up correctly on the web:

    Do you have any idea, why my content is pushed to the right and down below my left sidebar in Dreamweaver?

    The PHP element shown on the right dotted line in fact belongs to the left sidebar and should be inside it.

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    I believe it has to do with the rendering engine Dreamweaver uses. In short, you shouldn't really go by what Dreamweaver shows, as it's not always correct (you site is a great example of this). It could be because Dreamweaver didn't live code the php, and just shows the php tag, which is causing the wrap, or because your window isn't wide enough, so if in your code you give it a specific width and the window isn't big enough, it will wrap. There are many reason why the site will look broken in Dreamweaver.

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