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    Question Reviews of Just One

    Choosing between Zyma and JustOneHost for my portfolio site and client projects. Zyma has some good reviews on the web but is limited to 1 domain, while JustOneHost allows 10 domains for the same price of $9.99/year. I couldn't find ANY reviews about JustOneHost on the web. Can anyone share their experience or feedback on JustOneHost hosting plan/service? Thanks

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    Avoid JustOneHost..

    1) Looks like a reseller
    2) Their website is littered with poor quality graphics.. they can't even get their copyright at the bottom right..
    3) $9.99 a YEAR means they are cramming on hundreds of clients onto each server. The performance is going to be rubbish

    Zyma looks far more professional but the low price tag has to raise concerns.

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