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Thread: Subscription and Login to protected materials

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    Subscription and Login to protected materials

    I think this is posted in the right place if not , i apologize in advance.

    I am working on a project and it has become a subscription site all of a sudden. The protected material i would like to be hosted same place as the website.

    I would like to find a service that does the following

    customer clicks sign up button and pays through paypal at that time the customer received a login and password or creates their own. Then they can access the private areas of the site.

    The target demographic for this site is your soccer moms so to speak so it needs to be as user friendly as possible.

    What service would you guys recommend?

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    Just a thought, but if you've got a dbase, you could set up your own membership subscription/login ulitizing Paypal's API fairly easily. I'm about to do my first one in the very near future. I'm glad I scoped the basics including encryption. It's not terribly hard. It's always better to know how things actually work. No better way to do that than learning it and doing it yourself. There's no way that I'd pay someone for this. I'll also be automatically sending each user an email with a link to their set-up/transaction page to cut down on false subscriptions and to confirm emails. The paypal API enables you to give your users almost instant verification (a few seconds) that the transaction went through and (when your dbase is set up for it) almost instant authorization.

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