Hi all;
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

a friend of mine is wanting to startup a site called BCAST. Here's the official description:

"BCAST LTD offers services to bands and artists to upload their audio and images to a dynamic small website with blogging features built in via an easy to use and intuitive interface. The audio and images can be tagged to each other and also aranged into albums.
Public users can also sign up to BCAST LTD to interact with the bands and artists via the built in sophisticated social networking feature that can be
found in their own control pannel.
It is possible for all users, both bands, artists and public users, to link their profile on BCAST LTD with their already existing profile(s) on youtube,
Myspace, facebook and twitter."

Here are some other details he provided for me:
Also, On the band/artist when they post a file for people to listen to online, I want the feature for the public user to be able to buy this track or album.

I want artists/bands to be able to choose whether to sell a track, certain tracks or an album but they will all sell at a set price of 0.60p per track (0.10p

going to my paypal account and 0.50 going to their paypal account) and albums at 4.30 (with 0.30p going to me and 4 going to the band/artist). If possible

it should be possible for the public user to have their payment option remembered so they can just click the buy button and enter their password e.g. they save their payment option in their account section of the site and that is then used to download purchased tracks. If it is then possible for a list of
the purchased tracks to appear in their account so they can download them again if they lose one by mistake that would be good. The bands/artists should
also be able to save their payment info in their account e.g. paypal email or credit card details (for their account) which would be used for payment from
the public user for the purchased tracks payment to the band/artist.
The final feature i'd like is, in a site admin control panel, to be able to view the number of tracks and albums downloaded.
He already has hosting (a dedicated server I think)
This site, however, needs to be finished by may (june at the latest!) which is why i'm unable to do it, as I have exams in may and can't do it. within
the timeframe.
I'm looking for somebody to code the backend of the site, including all the features detailed above, in php. I will then do the front-end web design.
You will be paid direct through paypal, so it's secure for both.
We're looking to pay up to 175, though that can be nigociated to a certain extent.
If anybody is interested in helping out, please eMail me at ashleycox432 (at) googlemail (dot) com or post here.
Thanks very much for your time!