Hello all,
Well this is sort of a two part question, both dealing with kind of the same thing but in different ways.

1) I have a modal window that opens up on my page, im using simplemodal. I have been using simplemodal successfully in all browsers BUT this time its giving me fits in IE8. It positions my modal window on the left of the page in IE, but shows up fine in Chrome, and Firefox **havnt tested safari**. the link is at the bottom of the page at www.newgoldendigital.com/zg/mojo/tour.html the link says "(see it here)

2) and my second part is also in a modal window, this one works beautifully, BUT i have a youtube video inside of it that is set to autoplay. How can i keep the video autoplaying but NOT have it start playing until the button is clicked. You can see it here www.newgoldendigital.com/zg/mojo its the button with the play button on it.

Thanks for the help in advance