Tattooing has been around for centuries. All the way back to the nomadic races. It has always been a form of expression in one form of another. In some cultures, tattooing was done for prestige within the culture, or rank if you will. It was a very sacred and respected art. It was only the most prestigious that were privileged to adorn their bodies in such a permanent way.In this day and age it is still a very sacred undertaking. Although this is more on an individual basis rather then cultural. To most that get tattooed the art they receive is of a very special design and meaning. It is their way of expressing that, which is "them". Some tattoos tell a story, others are just a small expression of their inner most being. From the smallest rose to the full body tattoo... it's all the same.Now in this day and age tattoos cater to such a wide variety of people. A lot of these people are in the professional field; doctor’s lawyers, policemen, you name it! The days of old are gone. It's not just bikers and sailors anymore; it's everyday people. The artwork has changed a lot too over the years. It's not just a simple choice out of a limited design booklet. The art of tattooing has exploded! There is not much limitation.
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