With email newsletter marketing, businesses are making that the reality to improve business ROI. Email enables you to send thousands of direct messages with the click of a mouse. Email Newsletter Server which is best email marketing solution is very simplified at the same time highly business-intelligent, user-friendly email marketing software, where it allows you to create, send , track your bulk emails using creatively-designed templates with numerous campaigning features and mailing options.

Highlights of newly developed Newsletter Server:

- Customizable subscription form with your own brand;

- Prevent spamming to the fullest extent possible;

- Rigorous backup and disaster recovery of your data;

- Unlimited mailing lists and emails sent without any pay;

- Emails can be scheduled for sending at a scheduled date;

- Embeddable mailing list subscription form module within your website;

- Importable/exportable contacts into or from the Newsletter software;

- Detailed statistical report about your recipients' behavior & interest & purchase intention;

- Directly copy existing HTML emails into Newsletter Software

Efficient and effective email newsletter software saving your money & time, Building relationship, remotely manageable,expanding your customer base & enacting a new revenue source to your business. With this cost-effective, lightning fast method, you stay in constant contact with your entire database of clients, prospects, and leads, preserving and building long-lasting relationships, while increasing your business overtime.