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Thread: Keep in mind some essential points when designing website layout

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    Keep in mind some essential points when designing website layout

    Creating a Website is not overnight activity, many factors are working behind to create one great website and website layout is one of them. In this field always you have to keep updating yourself like advancement of technology, underlying code, think new possibilities of serving better layout.

    1. Create A Simple Layout: Keep one thing in your mind make simply don’t try to make complicated, there is a chance, your visitors run away and due to complex navigation site may be not indexed in a proper manner by search engines.

    2. Useless: Using Bulk of images are not good signs for your website because it will take time to load and there is a chance to increase bounce rate.

    3. Use Professional Font style and size: Always prefers to use professional font style like Verdana, Arial, Helvetica or Calibri; these are very common font style use with 11 or 12 pixels size.

    There are many points on which we have to keep our eye to create an attractive website layout, if you have any ideas, feel free to share.
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