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Thread: HTML Email Newsletter Templates

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    HTML Email Newsletter Templates

    I think that a well designed newsletter template can be the difference between success an failure. Whether its to update customers about a product, Whenever a newsletter is sent to anyone, the look of that newsletter on the email matters, that represent the sender to the receiver.
    Please tell me some latest HTML Email Newsletter Template design.
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    iKode Newsletter Software is very simplified at the same time highly business-intelligent, user-friendly email marketing service , where it allows you to create, send , track your bulk emails using latest creatively-designed 800+ templates with numerous campaigning features and mailing options.

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    here i have define some guide line for you
    1. The Department's logo is placed correctly in the top left corner on a band of clear white space.
    2. Issue details uniquely identify each edition.
    3. Body text uses the template's 'Normal' style
    4. Built-in heading styles, to a maximum of three levels, are used.
    5. Copyright and disclaimer are included.
    6. Colourbar is on first page.
    7. Publication information box includes editorial details, privacy statement (if needed), ISSN and website address.
    8. A delegated officer has approved the newsletter’s release.
    9. A record is kept of each published edition.

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