If anyone is interested in helping me test out a new web traffic analysis program that I'm developing, please check out this site:


It's not "just another" web analysis program, I promise. It's more like viewing an apache log, but on steroids, with advanced filtering options and other fun things. There is a screenshot on the front page above to see what it looks like.

Registration on the site is fast, free, and open to everyone. Then you just include 2 lines of HTML on your web site and BAM away you go! Unlike most other "include this external file" trackers, this one works with clients who have javascript disabled (to a limited degree at least).

I'm interested in feedback in terms of interface, things that are confusing, bug reports, features that would be cool, etc etc... It is a work in progress so it is a "beta", although I feel too cheesy putting "beta" on the site :P

Thanks for any input.