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Thread: iso CMS SAAS simple web browser design/update

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    iso CMS SAAS simple web browser design/update

    For a non-profit's small neighborhood website (less than 20 webpages and less than 30 pdf files), I am looking for a simple system where - via a web browser - I can design their website and also enable their content providers to update specific pages, all via a web browser, not downloadable software or html knowledge required. I think I am looking for an inexpensive CMS Content Management System, or SAAS Software As A Service.

    Looking for a system which charges a small monthly fee for this service. Requirements:
    - web design templates I can select from for initial design (prefer a left navigation menu)
    - once I create pages, authorized users can update/edit THEIR pages in WYSIWYG format via a web browser. THIS is the main function I am looking for.
    - calendar function would be nice
    - if authorized content providers can have privilege to upload pdf files and photos, fine, but ok if not (I can do occassional uploads)
    - do not need numerous bells and whistles, do not need to know versioning of who changed which page when. Just want to get info online on their website.

    So far I have found (but too many bells and whistles for clubs) and (but looks like too many bells and whistles for churches). What other similar CMS/SAAS services exist, especially those with minimal (and therefore inexpensive) features?

    There have got to be low-cost web-based design/update SAAS services out there where non-tech folks can use their browser to create a simple website and maintain the content of it themselves.


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    You say that you don't want downloadable software, but CMSs usually don't require the Client to download the software, just the web page designer. The Client just has to log in to be able to edit the text or images.

    Snippetedit is regularly mentioned on this board, it is very simple, some people have said that it is too simple, but it is designed for people with no website coding knowledge.

    I have tried the demo and it seems simple enough. Editing images needs care; the page must be coded so that it fixes the size (not part of the code that can be edited) so that if different images are uploaded the browser resizes them. There are no design features, you would have to get a template from somewhere else and build in the snippetedit codes.

    Joomla is a much more detailed CMS and some training might be required for the Client to use it.
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