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Thread: Problem with Flash Load Movie and Dreamweaver CS4

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    Unhappy Problem with Flash Load Movie and Dreamweaver CS4

    Hi everyone, i'm marco and i'm new in this forum. Sorry for my english cause i'm italian. By the way, i have a problem with Flash Load Movie. I have the main flash swf file called equalizer.swf, in which i charge two more files sky.swf and allery.swf. (those two swf files are saved on my desktop) now I try the movie in flash and everything works properly. But it doesn't work if i insert the swf in dreamweaver. Please help me!

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    If you drag and drop the swf into a web page in Dreamweaver. Go to the design view. You can click the grey box that denotes the flash movie and then can click the play button in the properties tab ( I think its in the properties tab). If its not working online, make sure you upload the .swf and make sure that the reference to it is accurate.

    Also...Code?? It would help if we could see it.

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