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Cross Posting
Cross posting is not allowed and will result in the deletion of one or more posts. Cross posting is defined as posting the same information in two or more forums. If you cross post on more than two occasions you will receive a warning via email or a private message. If, after your warning, you continue to cross post you will be banned from the forums.

Advertisements of any kind are not allowed. Any posts made specifically towards promoting your own website, product or service will be edited and the advertisement removed. One rule to this exception is posting a link to your website when requesting a design review. However, you must adhere to the design review guidelines which can be found here. Anyone found to be posting excessive links to their websites or suspected of using "sneaky" advertising methods will be warned. If you continue to post advertisements after your warning you will be banned from the forums altogether.

Please Be Courteous
Vulgur language and offending material is not allowed and will be removed immediately. Respect is the name of the game. Please respect your fellow members and they will respect you. Flaming, taunting and general disrespect will not be tolerated. If you wish to report any member or post that you find offensive you can do so by clicking the "Report Post" link in the post itself.

Reporting a Problem
Moderators & Administrators have the final say on anything. If you have a problem, please take it up with them directly and do not publicly post it in the forums.

Illegal Sites/Discussions
Posts that discuss illegal transactions or websites such as warez, cracks, pornography etc will be removed immediately and you will be banned from the forums.

Signatures can be used to promote your site, business, product or other ventures.
However, your signature must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Limit your signature to 4 lines of 75 characters each.
  • You can link directly to your own site(s).
  • You can't run sales ads or affiliate links in your signature.
  • You can use a slogan. i.e. "Hosting Packages From $9.95 Per Month"
  • No scams or unenforcable offers i.e. "Earn $1,000 a month selling ice to Eskimos".
  • No links to FFA pages, warez sites, crack sites, adult sites, etc.
  • Images are not allowed in signatures.

Have fun and enjoy the forums!

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