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Blue Host offers its web hosting services for just $6.95/month. Set up is free and there are no hidden charges, so the price you see is the price you pay. The single package offered by this company is quite comprehensive and comes with a good list of features.
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Budget Hosting – Good For All!

Nowadays, low cost web hosting services are becoming very popular because the number of Internet users has gone up many folds. This increase is proportional to the number of people who are in the hosting provision services.

Budget Hosting and what you need to know:

Remember that before choosing any of the budget web hosting packages it is essential to learn about what your actual requirements are and what you are looking out for in a low cost web hosting company. This could include various features of the site such as:

  • Programming languages supported?
  • Database connectivity characteristics
  • Domain name services
  • E-mail limits
  • Expected traffic

Perhaps your requirement is simply for low cost email hosting.

You need to know what the end goals of your web site are.

Read the reviews of low cost web site hosting

It may also prove prudent to learn about the web hosting customer support services before signing up with them. This can you can do and how to go about it. You have the option to either call them or read through the low cost hosting reviews of customer care, preferably on a blog other than their own. Going through their reviews on customer care is probably the ideal alternative when you feel that by making a call to them you probably will not get the true picture. Let’s face it, people, by nature, do not speak ill about their selves, certainly not the ones out trying to sell cheap low cost web hosting.

Your phone call can be a good facts gathering experience because these companies are also marketing themselves. Before going for budget website hosting do ensure that the company has been around for some length of time. Upstarts will make all the mistakes with “you” before maturing.

As you browse through customer reviews for your potential low cost host you will acquire what a reasonable framework for a low cost reliable web hosting company is as you get to know the experiences of people who are currently hosting with them or have hosted in the past. This, to a fair degree, allows you to gauge how reliable the company is in reality. The internet is littered with forums for just this purpose. Go ahead and Google away.

Technical problems with web hosting services arise on a regular basis, and it is not entirely uncommon to go through technical difficulties from time to time. Just look back a year and remember the number of times your own computer went down. It can happen to you, why not everyone else? Machines break or develop faults. The most important thing here is to remember, when your website goes down, you have a support team waiting to help you. However, the one really important thing to remember is that response time is Critical. Whether your hosting solution is low cost or not, this is something you do not want to compromise on. Not if you vale your internet life.

What is the Percentage of uptime? And why is that important?

For online businesses, having visibility on the World Wide Web for the maximum amount of time is absolutely essential. All affordable low cost web hosting companies state a 99.99 something uptime. This is actually far from the truth. It is this simple; companies that rely heavily on low cost web hosting services just do not have that much invested in expensive support infrastructure that does guarantee 99.99% uptime.

The dangers of low cost hosting

Common sense dictates that low cost website hosting is a better option than the next to free variety. However, do not automatically assume that you get quality service just because you are paying for it. There are many pitfalls to cheap services, many of which can cause irreparable damage to your business if you do not research properly and compare the budget host wit others. Remember the expensive support infrastructure we spoke about earlier? Well, it extends into this area too. Low cost website hosting solutions have been traditionally known to suffer from slow servers, rendering them useless for high traffic sites that are dependent on their internet presence. Flip side, you may find this drawback acceptable if you are only hosting a personal webpage. It is all about your anticipations and what you are looking to achieve with your site.

Choosing a web hosting provider is an important step, doubly so, if you constrained by budget factors and must look for a low cost web hosting solution. Visit some hosting review sites and get up to date information on what is being offered in the market. Take your time and think it through, save your money while making the best choice possible. If you have some time before making a choice, sign into some of the RSS services these blogs offer and get up to date information delivered directly to you.

Budget Hosting is considered an entry-level solution. This type of hosting is appropriate for the requirements of individuals as well as small businesses. Upon acquiring an account, you are provided with the purchased volume of space and resources on a server, which are normally, shared amongst other website owners. The actual computer is managed by the web hosting company, making this an ideal choice for webmasters who sometimes are in the process of polishing their technical skills. There are many advantages to this type of service, mainly the independence that allows you to have your own domain name without third-party advertisements. However do not be awestruck with so called unlimited features like unlimited space and unlimited emails. Practically speaking, you can only use a certain amount of space, and certain number of email accounts. This is just a slogan preying on your human instinct that you can never have too much. You cannot do anything with unlimited if your low cost web host cannot provide basic services with a reasonable amount of uptime.

Keep this in mind: successful Internet business is not possible without great website hosting, whether it is low cost or not.


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