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Ins And Outs Of Drupal Hosting

Drupal is a content management system which allows us to create websites and other useful web applications. A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that keeps a record of all the content on your Web site such as simple text, music, video, photos, documents, slide shows, animations, online games, or just about anything you can think of. The greatest advantage of Content Management System is that it doesn’t need any technical skill or information to be operated.

Drupal is an open source program which is distributed free of cost. It is written in PHP and circulated under the General Public License (GNU). Drupal can work on those computing platforms that sustain both a web server that is able to run Apache, IIS, Lighttpd and nginx and a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL to hoard content. It is used to create many different types of website blogs, online communities and commercial and political websites. Drupal was initially programmed by Dries Buytaert and became an open source venture in the year 2001. Drupal is an English Depiction of the Dutch word “druppel”, which stands for “drop”.

The public release of Drupal is called Drupal Core which contains essential features universal to all other Content Management Systems (CMSs). These features include management of menus, modify page layouts, perform logging and the ability to manage and register individual user accounts. Drupal gives its users to create a multiple user blog, a community website, online discussion websites or a commercial websites that has very occasional updated content; such websites are called brochureware websites. Drupal core includes several themes, which modify the visual look of the website. Drupal’s structural design follow the Presentation-abstraction-control design outline which is more suitable model for web applications. Drupal’s interface is available in 44 languages, English being its default language. It also let’s its users to use languages which read right to left, such as Farsi, Hebrew and Arabic. Drupal can inform the administrator about any new edition is available of its module, theme or of Drupal core itself. It allows keeping Drupal updated with newest security fixes and features.

Drupal is also intended to allow new features to be supplemented to extend Drupal core’s abilities. Drupal’s abilities can be extended through installing plug-in modules called “contib modules”, which are created by the open source community members.

Drupal has been criticized for its frightening and confusing design. It is said that its design is difficult understand especially for the new administrators. Drupal has also been criticized for being slower than other Content Management Systems. It is said that websites made through Drupel open slower than websites made by other Content Management Systems.

There are a number of Drupal hosting Providers which provide with hosting a website through Drupel. These provide the basic drupel source to other companies. Acquia, was founded by Jay Batson and Dries Buytaert. It’s the first company which is a dedicated Drupal provider. Its system and management is specially designed to work with Drupel and thus provides a dedicated drupal hosting service to its customers. Other providers include Turnkey and Open Atrium. Open Publish is a company planned for efficient Drupal sharing of media sites such as newspapers, journals, broadcasts, magazines and wire services providing their customers with Drupal web hosting services.

There are a number of companies and web sites which provide with Drupal hosting. The Best Drupal web hosting is provided by Site Ground. Site Ground provides its customers with the Best Drupal Hosting Services such as free installation of Drupal in the customer’s computer, provision of free Drupal modules, Drupal tutorial and Free Drupal themes, up till now there is no other host/site which is known to provide their customers with these services. This company also supports Drupal community activities. Other Best Drupal hosting sites include ix Web Hosting, Pow Web, Fast Domain, Host Rocket, Start Logic and many more. There are few Drupal hosting companies which not only provide with Drupal hosting but also let us host our websites through other Content Management Systems such as Joomla.

Some providers offer with cheap Drupal hosting. These providers give a false statement of providing with enormous bandwidth and unlimited storage capacity on very economical and affordable price. Such providers are host of choice for small organizations and low budget individuals who wish to host a domain on the internet. But clients are forced to compromise on either data storage capacity or on bandwidth making their web sites slower or on the services presented by the provider.

Drupal Value Hosting is a company which provides its customers with drupal website hosting. This company provides many discount packages to its customers to meet their demands and giving proper value to their money. Few providers like Electric Embers and Pair Networks are said to provide Drupal friendly hosting as they have reply promptly to their customer’s problems and needs and don’t sacrifice their existing for their expansion. Drupal is an excellent tool to host a website where users can upload and watch videos. Drupal can support Flash video file format which is used by sites like YouTube. Flash video file format is one of the best options to host such website. Kaltura, BrightCrove and Amazon S3 are few websites through which Drupal video hosting can be done. If Drupal site hosting is done through a shared server (Virtual Private Servers) than it is said as Drupal shared hosting. Drupal shared hosting is only suitable for small client websites. Big clients and heavy websites need to be operated through a dedicated or managed server for optimal performance.

Drupal has been the tool of choice for hosting, managing and creating many reputed and high profile websites such as Whitehouse.gov, Economist.com, wfp.com (website for United Nations food program) and many more. Thus Drupal is a secure and an amazing tool which lets its users create dynamic websites.


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