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Web Hosting Reviews – The Right Choice

It is a good bet that you are reading this article because you want to know exactly what is meant by a website hosting review. If you Google the words “web site hosting review” you would probably get around 65,000,000 pages returned to you. Now that is a rather large number of pages to go through for getting some facts and figures on hosting reviews which is why you started the search in the first place. All you needed was someone to guide you through this minefield of information.

Maybe you are a student looking for a free web hosting review for your class project. Your first reflex is to search online for web site hosting reviews. Your second reflex will probably be to click on the first few links labelled website hosting reviews or web host reviews. Just because a page is number one in a search engine query, does not necessarily mean it will give you what you are looking for.

Perhaps you are a business person thinking of acquiring some virtual space for your store front and since you are obviously cost conscious, you want the best possible prices mated to the best possible services. Your first search will invariably be business hosting reviews.

Read on and it could be a real eye opener to the kind of risks and deceptions that you could come across out there.

Why "Web Hosting Reviews"?

I am a firm believer of the usefulness of the “sincere customer” hosting review. There is an incredible amount of competition out there amongst web hosting service providers. As this competition in industry grows, many hosts prove to be less than honest and do not provide what they claim upfront. This is unacceptable.

To make matters worse, lots of dishonest “host reviews” and “top 10 web host review” websites have cropped up. They, unashamedly endorse webhosts that are known as “bad apples” by all the major players in the hosting industry.

Why do you need Web hosting Reviews?

Firstly, all potential web hosting customers should use “credible” web hosting reviews to make sure that the hosting companies provide what they claim and the credentials they provide are genuine. Secondly, most people looking for good hosting need these because:

  1. They specify methods to find honest web hosting companies on your own.
  2. They explain many other important things that you should know about, but are usually unaware of.
  3. They provide a short list of honest web hosting companies, to help you save precious time that you'd otherwise spend on investigating companies that are not entirely straightforward.

OK, enough talk. Let’s get onto it and look at what you actually should look for.

There are tons of websites on the Internet, all sorts of host review websites that list or collect web hosting reviews, sites that are posting all kinds of ratings, or the famous Top 5 or Top 10 web hosting companies’ lists or hot lists. If you spend a reasonable length of time comparing those lists, you'll find that most recommend the same companies, a lot of the same names keep coming up.

The first thing that crosses your mind is "Those really are the best! Why else would everyone be talking about them?” Sadly, the real reason that the same companies are always at the "top" is that they, one way or another, pay to be listed there. A lot of these companies invest heavily in keeping their so called ratings up.

If you manage to dig a little further, you will most likely find that these "top web hosting companies" run an affiliate program through some other site. Affiliate programs are an Internet-based marketing exercise in which one business rewards other affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by their marketing efforts.

Make no mistake; I am not against this concept. It is very well know that the web hosting companies running their affiliate programs through these companies offer some of the highest affiliate commissions in the industry.

What I really object to is, although they claim to, but the fact is that they don't rank them based on the quality of their services. Here rank is nothing more than the accumulated commissions or how easy it is to sell the hosting package. Hosting companies offering some of the highest commissions and the lowest prices get the top positions on these lists.

Here is a simple trick. Grab some of the names of the so call top hosting companies and search their names along with the words “unsatisfied customers” with it. Now you will be faced with a lot of blogs that tell you real customer stories. Some of these are not exactly true but some are. Look for patterns in customers complaints. Chances are, if they are all complaining about more or less the same things, they are probably true. This way you could easily generate a list of your own "top 10 web hosting companies not to go for".

Secondly, browse through web hosting forums. Look at a host review or two. Common dictates that while there are many hosting companies out there who will post their own positive reviews on these forums or pay people to write these for them, nobody would write a negative host review about themselves. It is from these negative reviews that you will actually get the guidance you need. At least you should be able to single out problematic service areas of hosting companies. Don’t discard the positive reviews altogether. They can prove useful too, for identifying the strongest service areas of hosting companies.

So, go ahead and read hosting reviews or two or three. Just remember there are two sides to a picture. Never forget to look at both sides. This might be a little time consuming, but look at the bright side, what are you doing all of this for? To save yourself a lot of grief and money, not to mention all the hair you’ll save by not pulling it out.


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