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All About Joomla! Hosting

Joomla is a content management system which allows us to create Web sites and other useful online applications. Joomla‘s popularity is due to its easy to use interface and extensibility. A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that keeps a record of all the content on your Web site such as simple text, music, video, photos, documents, slide shows, animations, online games, or just about anything you can think of. The biggest advantage of Content Management System is that it doesn’t need any technical skill or information to be operated because the software itself manages all your content.

Joomla is an open source platform which is used to publish material on the World Wide Web (www) and intranets (an intranet is a private computer network that uses Internet Protocol to safely share an association's information within the same association). Joomla is programmed in PHP, stores data in MySQL and comprises of features such as RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs, temporary storage area where frequently accessed data can be stored for rapid access, polls, search engines and support for different languages and regional differences. Many Web sites are being hosted and managed through Joomla. It’s called Joomla Hosting. Few examples of Joomla hosted web sites are MTV Network’s Quizilla, Harvard University Web site, CitiBank’s intranet, The Green Maven , PlayShakespeare.com and many more.

The Joomla comprises of a wide range of parts which allow modular extensions and incorporations to be done without any difficulty. A common example of such an extension is called “Plugins”, formerly known as “Mambots”. Plugins are backdrop extensions that expand Joomla with new features and functions allowing the user to have more options. There are more than Three Thousand extensions for Joomla obtainable through Joomla’s Extensions Directory. In addition to Plugins, more widespread extensions are present such as “Components”. Components permit the web site designer to perform even more extensive tasks such as creating an online community by expanding user features, backing up a web site, creating Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) that are more responsive to search engines and adding a shopping cart feature for commercial web sites. Another example of extensions is “Modules”. Modules perform tasks such as displaying a calendar or permitting custom made code to be inserted within the basic Joomla code.

Joomla can be installed manually or from a package management system or by using a Joomla appliance which incorporates Joomla and its dependencies in to a computer or a system which supports PHP applications. Manual installation requires more effort, more experience and more time.

There are a number of companies and web sites which provide with Joomla hosting. The Best Joomla hosting is provided by Site Ground. Site Ground provides its customers with the Best Joomla Hosting Services such as free installation of Joomla in the customer’s computer and provision of free Joomla templates, up till now there is no other host/site which is known to provide their customers with these services. Provision of free Joomla installation and free Joomla templates is also termed as free Joomla hosting. Some hosts offer free hosting for Joomla users, it’s usually on a monthly trial basis to attract clients towards their company. Other Best Joomla hosting sites include Just Host, Host Gator, Fat Cow, Host Monster, Blue Host, Green Geeks and many more. Some hosts provide with professional and reliable hosting for Joomla as their system and environment is dedicated to Joomla and no other software thus called dedicated Joomla hosting. Dedicated Joomla hosting is provided by a company named “Joomla Wired”.

Fast Joomla hosting is provided by some hosts by giving their clients a surplus amount of storage disk and an enormous bandwidth. This lets a web site to work quicker. Rochen and Site Ground are one of those few hosts which provide with fast Joomla hosting but it’s comparatively expensive than other hosts. Rochen is labeled as being the Fastest Joomla hosting company in the market.

Some companies provide with cheap Joomla hosting. These companies give a false statement of providing with huge bandwidth and unlimited storage capacity on very economical and affordable price. Such companies are host of choice for small organizations and low budget individuals who wish to host a domain on the internet. But clients are forced to compromise on either data storage capacity or on bandwidth making their web sites slower.

Now Joomla web hosting is one of the most popular ways to host a web site and to manage its contents due to its user friendly software and easy to use interface. Now many big firms and organizations opt for Joomla for the management of their web contents because it’s economical and saves time and provides with a wide variety of exciting and creative features.


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