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Easy To Use - FrontPage Hosting

Creating a web site with frontpage hosting? You need to make sure that you have dedicated website hosting with frontpage extensions enabled. FrontPage is a product created by Microsoft a little while back. Microsoft Frontpage let you create a website with ease and the same software allowed you to publish it to a webhost. Unlike other webservers, it needs specialized extensions to run its applications. If you choose to ignore this, some parts of your website will not function properly. These peculiarities do not end even if you do manage to source frontpage website hosting. There is also the issue about the version of frontpage that you are using. Make sure your host supports the version on which you are creating your website. You could opt to not use these extensions altogether. These extensions are generally used for handling calendars, photo galleries, flashing graphics and other similar features. If you do not require these functionalities, stay away from the extensions.

If you have decided to go for hosting that supports frontpage then there are certain things you must keep in mind before you sign up with any hosting company. These rules can also be applied in general as they are not just for frontpage hosting sites but can also be used for any type of web hosting service. Look at how many e mail addresses you are allowed to have on you’re hosting for frontpage. You might need hundreds of addresses for your employees. Checking how much bandwidth and disk space is provided to you is next. Bandwidth figures very importantly when you are choosing frontpage hosting. If your web site exceeds the bandwidth limit you asked for when you signed up, they may suspend your site by shutting it down from their server. Always opt for an upgradeable package, with respect to bandwidth and space. You can upgrade your package, quickly, in case the traffic on your site increases or if you incur heavy data load site.

Most people overlook two things when opting for frontpage 2003 web hosting. First, make sure of the minimum length of contract that you are entering in to with your host provider. If your host turns out to be a lousy host in terms of services, you won’t be stuck with a long term contract. Second thing to look for in frontpage 2003 hosting is what kind of administration console do you get? Always go for a demo of the console before any firm commitments. You do not want to end up finding out that it requires a degree in rocket science to work the thing or that any function needs an upgrade first.

Frontpage 2000 hosting was one of the easiest to get used to. The software works in a windows operating system. The software package of frontpage is in itself a complete solution for creating websites and providing flexible web site management facilities, with the added ability for editing and formatting the underlying HTML. All this functionality is available in an interface which is extremely easy to use. It is just like using Microsoft Office. Frontpage 2002 hosting was created for those people who have an interest in designing web sites with dynamic functionalities and also need some special features that included a photo gallery and active web pages. Frontpage is a very good platform for those users who want to host their small to medium sites for ecommerce. Frontpage 2002 web hosting is comparable to all other kinds of hosting with the difference of extensions. As far as cost factor is concerned, this kind of web hosting is comparable to the normal costs for Windows or UNIX hosting. And if cost is your issue then you can perform a search and with luck will be able to source some great and cheap frontpage hosting.

The functionalities and capabilities of this hosting were enhanced a great deal, by Microsoft, with the advent of frontpage 2003 web hosting. It now has many additional features over the previous versions that include brand new photo gallery, instant team web sites and usage of analysis. Amongst its many other features are, easy to use drop down menus, radio buttons which enable rapid website development. It now comes with dynamic web templates which you can customize and host in a short period of time. Yet another good feature is connectivity of remote web sites. Its support of SSL is now easier than ever too. Of all the tools available for website development, this is the most famous and easiest to use. It is especially easy to use for those who are already familiar with the environment of Microsoft Office. The Frontpage software works well in conjunction with frontpage hosting. This is also a good option for those who are looking to learn web development through an easy and user friendly interface.

Now let us look at the task of finding good website hosting with frontpage that will load your website. Not an easy task, since there are literally thousands of web hosting providers round the world who are offering the same kinds of services. If you have taken the classic web hosting for frontpage route, keep in mind that unless you are planning to hire a really dynamic developer who can generate custom code, of his own, you are better off using extensions for all those nifty features. A point to note here is that if you do not have a developer on hand or trained software developers, the biggest advantage of this service is that you can use it to create and then you can publish it in your web space without facing any kind of difficulty. There are many companies hosting with frontpage extensions as a part of their basic package, so that beginners who are trying to acquire some expertise in the field of web development can do so with ease without the help of HTML.

Although there are some sites that provide cheap frontpage web hosting, it is always better to inquire of all the features upfront than face difficulties later. There are some frontpage hosting sites which provide support to the:

  • Microsoft SQL Server manager
  • Server side image maps
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Password Protected Directories

All in all frontpage website hosting is a great platform that gives you good solutions for your web design and hosting problems along with many additional features to run your websites as trouble free as possible.


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