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Colocation – The Affordable Way For Internet Success

The incredible growth of companies on the internet and more reliance on e-commerce, has led to the need for more cyber space and faster results. This can be achieved efficiently through colocation. Colocation is when companies use shared data center infrastructure for hosting purposes. In colocation hosting, multiple customers colocate network, server and storage gear and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other network service providers. This result in reduced costs and more simplicity. Co location hosting is a type of hosting that allows companies to share technology space or obtain additional space on a provider’s premises. The colocation facility has the technology and infrastructure that far surpasses that which a company alone could posses. Hence one benefits from better and bigger facilities in colocation. Collaborating with a colocation host will allow you to provide your website customers cutting edge technology and get faster links on the internet. As services are shared in colocated server hosting, hence, it becomes a fairly economical option for many web hosts. As a colocation host, you can provide best facilities to your clients while staying within budget. You pay for the space you want to use without having to pay for the expenses associated with owning and managing the space. Costs are slashed significantly due to lower overheads, reduced operating costs and minimum investment.

If you are Looking for a Colocation Facility/Provider…

This is definitely a step that should be taken seriously as it will affect all your future business. Make sure you join a reliable colocation network provider. Here’s how you go about it. First of all, identify your needs. Jot down the storage options you need- is it a rack, cage or a cabinet? What is the data transfer and bandwidth you are looking for? Next, check for rates and services along these lines.

Security is at the top of the check list when it comes to colocation partnerships. Look for a provider that has extensive quality checks and high levels of security as your and your clients’ crucial data will be at their data center. Compare prices against services for various providers and see who can provide you the services you need at an affordable price. Consider questions such as what is the power back up options? How long can the facility’s systems run on generators? Does the provider have what it takes to deal with uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)? Do they have proper arrangements for fire and disaster management?

In colocation, you will have to store your own server at the facility while the colocation provider will take care of the internet connectivity to your server. You will have access to your own server. Just make sure that this is 24/7. As the owner of your equipment, you have complete control over managing and maintaining your equipment. Hence get a colocation facility that’s within reach.

Check out the reputation of the providers you have shortlisted. Read reviews and research well. Some providers offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Ask your provider for details. Make sure that the facility you are collocating to, is nothing less that a state of the art data center.

The pricing associated with colocation is called rack fee. Colocation is cheaper in the long run although it has heavy initial costs in terms of the purchase of server equipment. However, once you have it rolling, you can relax knowing that your website equipment is in safe hands. The sophisticated maintenance and services will bring you the value you have paid for. For dedicated server colocation, be ready to pay a premium. But at the same time, you have more control. Through colocation server hosting, you can get access to network specialists who are familiar with the servers’ running technology. This is yet another advantage of colocated server hosting.

As a colocation host, you will be able to meet growing bandwidth challenges by using colocation server and colocation bandwidth.

When looking for a provider, look for one that provides you required hardware, internet connection and software within your budget. Some providers offer to manage websites too. The most important thing when it comes to colocation is that you must have a good working relationship with the colocation facility. You should be able to get all support at any time of the day or night, every day of week. Any if it is anything less than that, then you do not want to take the risk. The colocation provider that meets all these requirements is the best one.

Now you are ready to reap the benefits of colocation. You will benefit from keeping your equipment in luxury stores which have temperature controlled rooms, fire-safety equipment, fast internet connections, 24 hour security, UPS backup, generator facility, exceptional bandwidth, and specially designed server rooms. All this is pretty hard to provide on one’s own. No wonder some of the colocation facilities can be as large as 9000 square meters.

If you are Looking for a Colocation Host...

Availing Colocation hosting can be especially beneficial for ecommerce companies who have massive traffic and require secure and cost-effective means of providing ecommerce solutions to their website customers. It is also beneficial for enterprises which are concerned about disaster management. Colocation server hosting can be conveniently found on the internet as there are many colocation web hosting providers which can be searched according to location. In fact, getting a reliable colocation host near your business location is what you need. Colocation servers will give you access to state of the art facilities and unparalleled speed at affordable cost.

Colocation is what you need to meet the growing cyber space challenges and to facilitate your company to thrive on traffic-traffic, and yet more traffic! Owing to the many benefits of colocation- the shared data center approach seems like here to stay! For the many dotcoms out there, colocation seems like the highway to success.


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