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Thread: My site is really simple but it gets PR3 today?

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    My site is really simple but it gets PR3 today?

    This site is since Oct.2004, but i never make any improvment before May

    Now the main page is PR=3, and others remain 0,

    can somebody tell me why it gets PR3 and what shall i do to make it even


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    Page rank is determined by who links to your pages. It is probable that the only people who link to your site, link to your home page. Thus your home page gets the PR and the other pages do not.

    Some PR may filter down form the home page to the other pages. You do have to make sure that the search engines can find the other pages of your site. E.g. use nomal links to point to them rather than forms, javascripts or dhtml.

    To get more PR for your deep pages, try to get other sites to link directly to those pages rather than just to your home page.

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