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    Hi all,

    I'm not sure if I'm posting at the correct topic. I need help! Currently, I'm doing intensive research on the color, Red. Fellow forumers, please spare 15 minutes to do the below questionaire as your valuable answers will greatly assist my research. As the depth of your answers are very important to the accuracy of my questionaire, I sincerely appreciate your effort in spending some of your precious time in completing it. Many thanks.

    First off, the objectives of this questionaire is to:
    1. Explore the psychology impacts that the color, Red has on you.
    2. Find out to what extent does the color, Red affects in your life?

    Please take note that if it'll be of a great help if answers are of descriptive nature. For example,
    Q: What does the color, Blue means to you?
    1) I feel tranquil, peaceful and quietly content.
    2) I feel a sense of harmony.
    3) I feel a meditative awareness or unity.
    4) It represents peace or recuperation.
    5) It represents trust.


    *Please provide your name, age and occupation.

    Q1. How will you describe the personality of a Red Person? (Hints: You may consider the characteristics of a person who likes red)

    Q2. You woke up realising that the color, Red is featured in your dreams. What do you think it represents?

    Q3a. Have you ever heard of Color Therapy?
    Q3b. Do you think Color Therapy can be effectively applied to healing?

    Q4a. Do you think the color, Red may help in sexual attributes like, sex drive?
    Q4b. Can you name some associations?

    Q5a. How do you feel when you are inside an empty red room?
    Q5b. Will you want to decorate your home with red? Why?
    Q5c. Will you want to decorate your office with red? Why?

    Q6a. Do you think food in red helps in your appetite? (Hint: You may want to compare food in red with other colors)
    Q6b. If yes, can you name some examples? (Hint: For example, roasted chicken seems tastier than hainanese chicken)

    Q7. If a person's choice of colors in fashion is red, what kind of person do you think he is? (You may consider tops, accessories, shoes etc)

    Q8a. By the term 'Red Music', what kind of genre do you think it is?
    Q8b. What are the songs that fits into your definition of 'Red Music'?


    The questionaire has come to an end. Milion of thanks for your effort in doing this difficult questionaire. I owe you one! For those who are interested, I'll be designing a conceptual web site which I will include these information after consolidating. Will notify soon. Thanks again for the precious time and answers. Cheerios.

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    Not sure if it would defeat the purpose of your survey, but if you were able to modify it a bit so some(or even most) of the questions are multiple choice you may get more responses. You may get a few responses eventually, but when it comes to surveys, if they look like too much work, unfortunately, people will pass them over.

    It still may be helpful as you'll be able to see how a majority feel about a particular question

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