Hey all,

I have just started to host a site on my webserver and before I uploaded it and previewed in in the localhost/sitename it worked great. (not a complex site - just throws data into a database with some validation) Soon as I put it on the server I get some funny items of code at the top of the page when viewed from a clients PC. If you view the page on the server (before the asp code has been rendered) it works fine but soon as you type the IP address of the webserver, the html/asp code is rendered, the funny characters appear. Here are the offending parties!:

db" %>

The site pages that displays the 'annoying' code are ones that are linked to this connection script file. Everything seems fine on the file and there are NOT OPEN BRACKETS on any of the pages - this error is rendored only at client side?

I can't help think that there is a setting in IIS on the web server that is not right but I wouldnt know where to begin?

Many thanks if you have any clue what so ever. (Code is always the very top of the page)