Hi all,

I have a serious problem with IE here. I am currently developing a Web Application in J2EE (running on a Jetty server) which is supposed to manage the business process of the client. Now there is a page in this app, where the user will be able to change the status of the job.

Everything works fine here except one problem. The user lands into this page. Does some action (like adding comments, or updating status etc.) and clicks the submit button after a minute or two. What happens now is that, in IE I get a Page Cannot Be Displayed page. I go back, and then click the submit button again, it works fine !!

And, this problem does not occur in Firefox, nor in Opera - this happens only in IE. Is this a problem with my web page or server configuration or is it a setting in IE that has to be changed, or is it a bug in IE (and if it is a bug indeed, has MS released a patch for it).

If anyone knows why this happens and how to sort it out please help me out. I have been doing research on this for more than three days now, but I have not been able to find a solution !!